Otos Luxury Liner Strategy
Otos Luxury Liner Strategy

The “Luxury Liner” Strategy

We design stock portfolio investing strategies to fulfill on the preferences of our strategists.

The Luxury Liner is a hedged stock portfolio strategy designed to produce stable premium returns in all market conditions.  The strategy buys stocks of companies that have positive operating cash flow and improving growth attributes such as rising sales growth, improving gross profit margins, lower selling, general and administrative(SG&A) expenses and lower interest costs. Buy decision are made when shares are trading near the bottom of the weekly share price volatility range.

The strategy deploys a hedge using puts, short positions and leveraged inverse ETF’s. Stocks to be short are chosen from the population of companies with poor and deteriorating growth attributes such as lower sales growth, falling gross profit margins, higher SG&A expenses and higher interest costs. Our short portfolio also seeks out companies with deteriorating financial condition and poor earnings quality. We short the stocks when the shares are extended relative to their weekly share price volatility range.

The size of the hedge varies according to the available populations of improving and deteriorating companies.

Our investment strategy service empowers you make stock selection choices within your investing strategy or population and generates trade recommendations over time. The implementation of the trade recommendations generated by OTOS and implemented by the strategist creates the performance record of the strategy

We monitor the characteristics of the Luxury Liner long portfolio and the Luxury Liner short to keep you informed. We maintain a report on the current  portfolio and keep OTOS members informed.

When an OTOS premium member chooses to monitor or implement your strategy, you GET PAID!

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